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Stop Leaving Money on the Table and Create a Signature Offer Funnel that Sells Your Offers on Autopilot without doing Large Scale Live Launches

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Spoiler Alert!: 

Many Coaches, Consultants, & Entrepreneurs don’t make the right offers to the right people at the right time. We post our offers on social media and in groups. Then we wonder why our conversions are so low.

This leads to “feast or famine” cycles and unpredictable income… but it doesn’t have to be that way.

You’ve probably heard about sales funnels, but they don’t sound appealing, and you might not fully understand what they do. Or you’ve gone through someone’s sales funnel, and it had an offer, a upsell, a down-sell, a sell-your-grandmother… and so on and so forth that the whole process has left you scared to press a buy button ever again!

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Your sales funnel is the process prospects go through to become a customer as you get to know each other better.  It is wide at the top (entry point) and narrows at the bottom (point of main purchase)

You cast a wide net at first, attracting casual and serious prospects alike, and then present them with offers that will move them down the funnel towards your core offer purchase or to the exit. 

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This is the focus of what I want to share with you:
Choosing offers and structuring them within your sales funnel to entice your audience to buy. 

  It’s a non-sleazy process that makes everyone feel great.  

But it’s the idea of people moving out of your orbit that scares you.

It shouldn’t, because if they don’t buy something, they’re not your people.

Signature Offer Funnels enable you to build a customer community of the

right people.

 Then we arrive at the sales opportunity, and you don’t want an icky, sleazy experience like the ones you’ve experienced. Unfortunately, every “expert” training seems to focus on adding high-pressure pages once someone has purchased from you.


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Yandy Smith-Harris

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Will nurture the relationship and present the right offer to the right prospect, and I know it works because…

The Structure of Your Offer Funnel

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When done well, offer funnels are a continuous revenue stream. 

But how should you structure your own offer funnel?

I’ve created the Signature Method so you can start creating your Offer Funnel and eliminate all of the guesswork.
In fact, you can start the course right away! 

This is a 6-module course I put together to help you create the perfect offer funnel for your business. I’ll show you not only how to get started, but I’ll also show you…

How to identify the core offer that all your other offers will hinge upon

The benefits of defining your ideal customer profile 

How to identify where you will automate and segment your funnel

How to choose a powerful and effective lead magnet that will convert curious audience members into subscribers 

How to identify a valuable and effective low-ticket offer that addresses your audience’s pain points

How to create a one-time offer that injects a sense of urgency without making you seem desperate or a schoolyard bully

How to develop an attractive subscription offer that solves part of your audience’s problem 

Why you should add in a valuable order bump to increase point-of-sale revenue and also helps your customer

How to identify an enticing upsell for your core offer 

How to create an effective downsell for your core offer - one that isn’t sleazy or makes your audience squirm

How to map out your simple offer funnel so you can get started quickly without overcomplicating things

How to develop powerful content that will move leads through your funnel 

How to create a powerful call to action (CTA) for each piece of content (miss this and you leave your audience stuck)

However, I won't stop there…

You’ll discover exactly what it takes to get started today and generate better, and more consistent, revenue flows with your offer funnel.



Define the Ideal Customer for Your Funnel 



The Different Types of Offers and Which Ones Fit in Your Funnel

To start with, you just need a basic understanding of what you want to sell. This is the offer that all other offers in your funnel will hinge upon.


In Module 1, I’ll show you how to identify your core offer and clearly define their audience.

Lesson 1: Clarify Your Core Offer -


In Lesson 1, we'll identify the core offer that all your other offers will hinge upon, allowing you to build a powerful funnel that will maximize sales. 

Lesson 2: Create Your Ideal Customer Profile -


In Lesson 2, I'll teach you how to define your ideal customer profile so you can develop persuasive communications and offers, delivered at the right time to the right people. Without this lesson, your sales funnel will fall flat at the first hurdle.

Your core offer is the very reason your funnel exists, and you will need to know every aspect of it in detail. 

In Module 2, We’ll delve into your core offer so you can gain valuable information to help choose and structure your offers.  When you understand your offers, it makes the whole sales funnel process so much more enjoyable! 

Lesson 1: Define Your Core Offer’s UVP -


In Lesson 1, you'll help your students define the unique value proposition (UVP) for their core offer and how it will benefit their audience so they can convert more leads into customers.

Lesson 2: Choose a Powerful Lead Magnet -


In Lesson 2, you'll demonstrate how your students can choose a powerful and effective lead magnet that will convert curious audience members into subscribers, triggering the beginning of their offer funnel.


Lesson 3: Identify an Effective Low-Ticket Offer -


In Lesson 3, you'll walk your students through how to identify a valuable and effective low-ticket offer that addresses their audience’s pain points and moves them further down their funnel.

Lesson 4: Create an Urgent One-Time Offer -


In Lesson 4, you'll teach your students how to create a one-time offer that instills a sense of urgency or a fear of missing out, increasing revenue before moving to the next part of their funnel.

Lesson 5: Develop an Attractive Subscription Offer -


In Lesson 5, you'll help your students identify an attractive subscription offer that solves part of their audience’s problem, primes them for purchase of their core offer, and moves them even further down their funnel.

Lesson 6: Add in a Valuable Order Bump -


In Lesson 6, you'll show your students how to add in a valuable order bump to increase point-of-sale revenue.

Lesson 7: Identify an Enticing Upsell -


In Lesson 7, you'll show your students how to identify an enticing upsell for their core offer that will enhance customer loyalty, maximize ROI, and boost their profits even more. Upsells are 68% more affordable than acquiring a brand-new customer.

Lesson 8: Create an Effective Downsell -


In Lesson 8, you'll walk your students through how to create an effective downsell for their core offer that will bring in more revenue by converting buyers who might otherwise have left.

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Sheesh... And all of that is just Module 2!!!





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Design Your Signature System

Define Your System’s Unique Value Proposition

You have a proven system, but you need to make it easy for others to implement.


In Module 3, we'll dig deeper and help you refine your process into an easy-to-follow, unique, step-by-step system that you can clearly explain so that people can follow it and get the results you want.



Identify Your Target Market

Your ideal target customers are the people who will be the best fit for your signature system because you will be able to fully benefit from implementing it.


In Module 5, I'll show you how to assess the suitability of your system for your current target market and how to explore additional markets for your new signature system.

The unique value proposition of your signature system will differentiate you from the competition.


In Module 4, I'll show you how to identify the benefits of each step in your system, so you can show potential customers that this is the system you need for solving their specific problems.



Craft an Enticing Title

Having a great system is one thing, but it needs to be marketed in a way that attracts buyers. The name of your system will be what people see first before you read any of the details.


In Module 6, I'll walk you through creating a benefits-oriented, memorable title that communicates the value of your system. That name will become your core branding, so your signature system can become well-known in the marketplace.



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Package Up Your Signature System to Sell

Help Your Customers Implement Your System

Now that you have your signature system mapped out and named, you need to package it into a fully-fledged program to help your clients and customers implement it.


In Module 7, I'll show you how to design a program that packages up your system so that people can easily learn how to implement it and get the best results possible.

People love signature systems because you are led by the hand through a proven process that’s easy to follow and remember.


In Module 8, I'll walk you through developing the program support materials your customers will need to successfully implement the signature system, so your students can quickly get your program ready to sell.



Determine Your Pricing Strategy

Before you dig deeper into marketing your signature program, you need to decide on a price that will enable them to reach your financial goals.


In Module 9, I'll show you how to decide on a price for your main offer, so that it reflects the value of your signature program and enables them to meet your revenue goals.



Plan Your Sales & Marketing Strategy

You have all the elements in place and you're ready to share your signature system with all those who need it. Now you need to market it!


In Module 10, I'll share sales and marketing strategies you can use to attract clients to your signature program so that your sales reach the level you want.

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Expand for Multiple Income Streams



Review and Refine

With signature systems the possibilities are endless: you can start with an initial version and then build your business from there. Each one will bring an opportunity to increase your income and enhance your reputation.


In Module 11, I'll show you how to create multiple streams of income that accelerate your business growth by developing different levels or versions of your signature system, so that you leverage it for maximum value.

In this final module, I’ll discuss other things you can do to make your signature system and program more effective. I'll also send you away knowing how to measure the success of your marketing, along with a plan for how to evolve your signature system and offer in the future.


We'll consolidate and implement your learning through planning further action steps, so you achieve the goals set for this course and know how to develop further.



  • Comprehensive Video Modules

  • Worksheets & Templates

  • Private Online Community

  • Over 15 Bonus Training & Resources

  • BONUS: Launch Made Simple 

  • BONUS: Content Creation Hub

  • PAY IN FULL BONUS: Profitable People Program


Paid In Full: $1250 | 4 Payments of $375

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-Toya Wright-Johnson

This course is delivered by video and contains an action guide, end-of-module quizzes, and everything you need to deliver a successful system.

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Imagine What It Would Be Like...

Imagine your life in 3 months’ time when you have more money flowing in, thanks to your signature system.

Imagine having an audience that loves what you do and has signs of becoming superfans

Imagine how good it feels to be confident in your products now they’re perfect for your potential clients

 Imagine what you’ll do with your extra cash.